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Tools type punches and dies for universal steel workers.
For geka, durma, kingsland, ims, mubea, marcovil, peddinghaus, gairu and other trademarks.

Carbide cutting inserts from various manufacturers.
Sandvik Zenit Korloi Iscar Sumitomo Seco Stellram Kennametal Valenite Ingersoll.

Tools type gate clamps and clamps.
For tool fixing clamp in driling, milling and centers type machinery.

Portables and semi portables pipe notcher and sink outflow machines.
For industrial execution of end sections and sink outflow tubes for perfect adjustment structures.

Semi automatic industrial column drilling machines.
For industrial or occasional drills in plates, tubes and profiles allow also reaming and threading.

Industrial mechanical vices several models.
For blockade and clamping pieces in machine tools and work bench's.

Material opportunities in stock off and marketplace.
Listing of material, some discontinued, in stock off and marketplace.

Meatcut high power food related products cutting machine.
Recommended large scale catering establishments and meat processing industry type.

Multi purpose containers product range made in stainless steel.
Industry alimentary, hospital, electronically, pharmaceutical, maritime, several others.

Tools type punches and dies for punching machines.
Trademarks amada, nisshinbo, rainer, raskin, salvagnini, tecnology, trumpf e murata wiedemann.

Mechanical lathes, milling and slotting machinery.
High quality machines east europe manufacturing according directive 98/37/CE.

Pressbrakes, shears and hidraulic rolling machinery.
Top european manufacturer with well none trademark according directive 98/37/CE.

Plate and round manual steel shears from peddinghaus.
Suitable for cutting and punching steel plates and cutting metal profiles.

Small machines miscellany set for sheet metal industry.
Low cost machinery for cutting, punching, stamping and machining metals.