We are
one small technical and trading company
in machinery and tooling,
for metal industries.

Since 1994 we
are given
specialized technical services
to industrial machinery
repairing, recovery and maintenance.

We combine
simple repairing work's with preventive
and predictive
total productive maintenance
management techniques.

We have
master knowledge in
mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic,
electrical and electronically field's.
In conventional, automatic,
and computerized system's.

We normally work
in subcontract mode with
the most renamed
machinery national and international
also with their agent's.
We really assure
technical support to their

We have also one trading line
of business
regarding machinery part's and spares.
We trade
all over the world,
any trade mark
seeking always best prices
and available material.

If you want to buy any
Portuguese machine, tooling
or spare part please contact us.
We offer better price, better time delivery
and we assure better quality
doing daily follow up near the

If you want sale in Portugal
contact us.
we are alway's looking for new business opportunities.
We have one large customer's listing.

It was our company policy
to have
permanent stock of part's.
So we have one large stock list
of part's and spare part's.

We also have
always available
second hand machinery.
If do you need something email us.